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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please send us your query using our contact form, or simply call us on 01738 636140.

How long will I have to wait to get an appointment? 2015-09-08T10:16:43+00:00

Sometimes you can have an appointment within 48 hours, if that is what you want. If not an appointment can usually be arranged within the following 7 days, (excepting holiday periods of course).

What are your opening hours? 2015-09-08T10:18:17+00:00

I can offer you daytime appointments from 9am on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Evening appointments are from Monday to Thursday. I can also offer Saturday appointments for those who cannot  get here throughout the week.

If I come for a retreat will there be other people there as well? 2015-09-08T10:19:09+00:00

No, the retreat is for you only.