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Here are a selection of testimonials I have received from my clients:

“My week staying at Little Pines in Perth can only be described as life changing. The location and accommodation is itself a tranquil, comfortable and relaxing environment. This is perfect for enabling productive, enlightening and sessions with Jeanette. The sessions with Jeanette followed the Human Givens method of support. This method is refreshing and completely different to any counselling I had experienced previously. The Human Givens method as practised by Jeanette was extremely relaxing and provided a wonderful insight into the thoughts and emotions I was experiencing. This set me up to confidently return to my normal life armed with a set of tools to tackle any issues. Five Stars all round!”
Personal Retreat, November 2015
I appreciate your kindness more than words could say. You calm, heal and help in a very special way. Inside my heart were clouds of sorrow, doubt and ‘whys? drowned by negative thoughts that always made me cry. You gently swept them from my mind, far away so I can smile and leave those thoughts behind.
Happy Client, September 2015
Thank you for your healing and being the only professional to treat me like a Human.
Personal Retreat, May 2015

Anxiety and loss of confidence:

I went to Jeannette at a time when I had been through a lot and life had become difficult for me to cope with.

Jeannette is a very easy person to talk to as she is so relaxed and calm. Through a series of sessions where Jeannette offered various practical coping mechanisms and advice as well as a sympathetic ear I started to get my life back on track.

I am now better able to cope with stress, have a new job, improved relationships with my family, a renewed social life and have just signed up for an Open University course.

I also know that if I ever feel things slipping back I would have no hesitation in returning to Jeannette for help.

Derek, September 2013
I met with Jeannette regularly over a period of about five months. During that time I gradually became less anxious and more confident in myself. Jeannette helped in this through her calm, caring and attentive style and her practical focus – on actions I could take and techniques I could try out. I found Jeannette very easy to talk to and non-threatening but with clear ideas and helpful insights. I would be very glad to recommend Jeannette as a counsellor and therapist.
Neil, August 2012

Weight Issues:

I broke my ankle ending up with 4 screws in it and off my feet for 7 weeks and on crutches for another 7-8 weeks. I had put on weight and felt very despondent about it and nervous to try anything. I knew that I needed to do something about it.

I contacted Inner Harmony and had a few sessions with Jeanette which put me back on the right track. She helped me get my eating under control and especially helped me believe that I could get fitter and slimmer.

This gave me the motivation, self belief and confidence to join a gym and I am now able to walk 11 miles in a day and do 30 press ups at a time (something I have never, previously, been able to do) and much, much more. I first saw Jeanette 7 weeks ago and now all my clothes are too loose on me now and I need to buy new ones very soon.

Thank you Jeanette for your help – I am well on the way now and very motivated to carry on.

Lesley, September 2012
Inner Harmony – TestimonialsHi my name is Robert, and as you can see in this photo I am overweight. This photo was taken on holiday in June 2011 and I was determined that I was going to lose weight. When a colleague mentioned hypnosis I new I had to make changes for health reasons and for my own good, so I looked up the inner-harmony website and emailed Jeannette. We arranged for me to go along to Jeannette’s and I went on the 14th June 2011 weighing 15st 8 lbs.

Inner Harmony – TestimonialsI had tried diets in the past so I wanted a gastric band under hypnosis, but Jeannette didn’t think I needed this. Jeannette did a few things with me under hypnosis and changed my eating habits. This has worked wonders on me as I was a sugary food addict. I no longer have cravings for sweet food and have even started to eat and enjoy food that I never thought was possible. I used to feel tired and lethargic, but now I have endless energy. I also decided to set myself goals. My niece was getting married in August and I wanted to weigh 13stone for the wedding. I got down to 13st 1lb! But make no mistake this is not a magic wand you have to be ready to get rid of the weight as I was. I would recommend this to anybody who wants help to get rid of excessive weight.

I would like to thank Jeannette for her lovely way and sympathetic approach to my problem and helping me on the right road.

From a very happy person

Robert, 17th August 2011

Comments from a stressed client:

Stress is more than just a label attached to an ever increasing workload. It builds up – no it creeps up on you and before I knew it I had headaches and tiredness and was unable to sleep and also unable to concentrate. I also had digestive problems and an ulcer.

When I met Jeannette I couldn’t breathe properly – breathing out was short and sharp and I was very tearful. Working with relaxation, EFT and guided imagery has set me on the path of recognition of situations that “stress me” and I now have “tools” in my toolkit to enable me to prepare for and deal with daily situations and emotional traumas that would have once stopped me in my tracks.

I would whole-heartedly say regular is counselling is something that should be part and parcel of the business world and corporate life. It should be seen as a positive method of dealing with 21st century life.

Elaine, November 2012