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Control Weight / Eating Habits

Are you fed up with endless dieting that only results in you regaining the weight (and often more) as soon as you return to your regular patterns of eating?

Discover how to control your weight without obsessive dieting, forbidden foods or starvation by changing the responses from your brain. Learn how to enjoy your relationship with food by eating less.

Inner Harmony Weightloss

Bad eating habits and weight gain can often happen as a response to a difficult period in someone’s life such as bullying at school, sexual abuse, traumatic stress, marriage breakdown or loss of health. It also happens in everyday life when we are bored, sad, angry or stressed. People then comfort themselves with food as a way of meeting their emotional needs. This is called emotional hunger which is sudden urgent and different to physical hunger that comes on gradually and is felt in your stomach as hunger pangs. Emotional hunger is caused by the negative feelings that people have about themselves – self-hate, low self-esteem, low confidence, worthlessness, unlovable, hopeless etc. As the mind and body are connected, this in turn has an effect on the individual’s health and well-being.

Therapy focuses on helping clients change their feelings, moods and beliefs, and to be more positive about themselves. This means changing their negative self-image which is achieved by a variety of techniques such as relaxation, visualisation, and Hypnotherapy. Any underlying traumas will be treated with The Rewind Technique.

Whether you want to lose a stone or more in weight, this weight loss programme will help you to succeed easily and enjoyably without hunger and diets. I will help you to re-programme your mind and shrink your stomach. You can lose 2-5lbs each week without any diets.

Hypnotic Gastric Banding: For individuals who want or need to lose an excessive amount of weight, Hypnotic ‘Gastric Banding’ is the ultimate and affordable way to reduce weight without the risks of surgery. As therapy works with the mind and the body, individuals are successful in losing weight (and keeping it off), as their passion for high calorie junk food diminishes. Therapy looks at the root cause of the weight issue. The cause is often locked or suppressed somewhere in the subconscious mind and by using various techniques it can be released or reframed. This is the key to success and is what stops people from going back to old habits and putting the weight back on again.

To follow this weight loss programme you will have 4 or 5 two hour sessions with your therapist (depending on the individual) followed by a few appointments at monthly intervals for band adjustment and reinforcement of good work.