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Sessions / Fees

Session Information

Counselling sessions:
Counselling sessions generally last between 60 -75minutes.

Most people can be helped in 4-6 sessions although some people only need one or two and others with more complex difficulties may require more.

The cost of a session is …

  • Children and Students – £50
  • Adults – £60
  • Couples – £70
Personal Intensive Therapy costs £300 per day (10am – 4pm).
Personal Therapy (taken as part of a Personal Retreat in Little Pines Garden Apartment) costs £50 per 60-75 minute session.

The cost of the accommodation is additional – Please go to Little Pines Garden Apartment/Rates.

Hypnotherapy sessions:
Weight Loss

For weight loss programme with/without Hypnotic Gastric Banding. The basic programme lasts for four sessions (weekly if possible) with the opportunity for additional sessions as required for additional support.

The first two sessions last 120 minutes each and cost £100 each session. Thereafter the sessions last between 90 -120 minutes and cost £80-£100 accordingly.

Stop Smoking

One session is normally enough to help someone become a non-smoker. The session lasts generally about 90- 120 minutes.

The cost (dependent on the length of the session) is between £80 – £100. If further sessions are required the cost is £60 for 75minutes.

Payment is by cash, cheque or BACs.

Please Contact me for more details.