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Personal Retreat

What is a Personal Retreat?

  • A retreat is a place of seclusion and privacy to withdraw to when faced with danger, defeat or personal difficulties.
  • A personal retreat is a shelter, a safe and special place where you can relax and reflect whilst addressing the issues that have been troubling you.

There are two options:

  1. A personal day retreat consisting of intensive therapy, (no accommodation).
  2. A stay in our Holiday Apartment, combined with some therapy sessions, counselling and self development.

How will a Personal Retreat help me?

Personal Retreat

I have heard so often of people who are feeling stressed and decide the answer is a holiday, to get away from everything. They book a last minute trip and off they go and they have a great time. New surroundings, good food, exercise, fun and laughter and they forget about their problems and worries and come home feeling so much better. However within a matter of days, weeks or even hours of being home again, they start to feel the stresses in their life returning. The holiday is successful, but the fact is that they are returning to ‘their world’ with the same thought processes, habits, behaviours and responses, nothing has changed within them. They still find for example that they can’t cope with the pressures of work; they crumble into an emotional mess, crying when something goes wrong; they feel either angry, anxious or depressed; they find they are using unhelpful coping strategies, i.e. eating, drinking, smoking more; yelling at the children or the dog and so on …

Personal Retreat

At times like this when you are feeling totally overwhelmed by your emotions – it is hard to sort out your problems. You are right in feeling that you need to ‘get away’ and create space between you and your problems but for that to be beneficial, you also need some additional professional help such as Stress counselling. This is where a retreat will benefit you. A retreat will offer you the chance of time-out from your normal routine and combined with some therapy will enable you to restore balance and harmony to your life.


Your accommodation is a spacious self-contained two-bedroom apartment situated on Kinnoull Hill, Perth. It is conveniently placed for you to enjoy the wonderful scenery as you walk the many footpaths through the woods. We are only one mile downhill to the city of Perth, yet we are surrounded by charming countryside. Please go to Holiday Apartment (Terms and Conditions apply) to find out more about the area and the apartment. Prices for short breaks and weekend breaks start at £228, but you may choose to book for a week or two. Please contact me to check immediate availability or check out availability on the Holiday Apartment website.

What do I need to do next?

All you need to do is contact me with an outline of your problems and when you want to stay at the retreat. The arrangements for your stay can be made via email or a phone call so we can discuss your needs and preferences. Payment for the accommodation is made in advance of your stay. (Terms and Conditions apply). My counselling fees are kept entirely separate from the accommodation costs and are paid for at the end of your therapy. Please note: You can discontinue therapy at any time if, for example you feel sufficient improvement has been made. And you only pay for the sessions received.

Stress Relief

Personal Retreat

In general terms, therapy is holistic and will focus on getting your physical and Emotional needs met. Once we havedetermined what these needs are, your treatment for Stress management will consist of a combination of techniques and exercises to assist you in making the changes in your life that you know will lead to a happier, healthier and more successful you.

As your therapist I will help you:

  • Learn how to calm yourself down and relax
  • Use the positive power of your imagination
  • Recognise ‘unhelpful pattern matches’
  • Take a new perspective – ‘the art of reframing’
  • Look for solutions for problems
  • Remind yourself of your resources
  • Separate yourself from the problem
  • Bring humour back into your life
  • Take physical exercise
  • Eat to think and feel good
  • Enjoy a healthier lifestyle
  • Set yourself goals
  • Learn better ways to communicate
  • Create a plan for beating addiction
  • Release yourself from anger
  • Master anxiety and panic attacks
  • Break the cycle of depression

Please Contact me for more details.