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Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

“People do not come into therapy to change their past, but to change their future.”
Dr Milton Erickson – Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis is a trance state that enables an individual to search their subconscious mind for the most relevant inner resources and strengths to enable therapeutic change to occur. Trance states are natural everyday experiences which occur when, for example, a person is daydreaming or has driven the car and cannot remember the details of the journey. Using Guided Imagery or Visualisation, the client is encouraged to relax into a naturally occurring hypnotic trance state which facilitates receptivity to therapeutic suggestions and self-healing. The client thus becomes actively involved in their own therapeutic process.

Hypnosis is a valuable therapeutic tool for enhancing a clients’ self-awareness and facilitating therapeutic communications.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) offers a process to help interpret human experiences, and to understand how people think, feel and react. It is a tool for effective communication, motivation, positive thinking and the creation of desired goals and outcomes.

Neuro – relates to the brain and what happens in your mind
Linguistic – relates to language and how you may use it
Programming – relates to patterns of behaviour which you learn and repeat

NLP is used in therapy or counselling to help the client ‘move forward’, to make the most of their potential, to increase awareness of different possibilities, to create choices, and thus to facilitate change. The emphasis is on the present and the future, and ‘how’ positive outcomes and desired goals are achieved.

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